Boring Byron Bay

Contraversial I know, but before I arrived in Byron Bay, everybody I spoke to told me that it was amazing and that everybody always wants to stay longer; so I arrived with very high expectations and left (on the day I had planned to) a bit disappointed.
There isn’t much to do and it’s pretty expensive so if it hadn’t been for the amazing Airbnb I stayed it (with one of the best beds I’ve ever slept in) I probably would have moved on earlier. 

The town itself is nice with a very relaxed, hippy vibe and some cool shops but unless you want to spend all day at the beach surfing and all night partying then there isn’t much to see or do. Although in saying that I did have one nice beach day, and a great night out with my hostel! 

(Confession: I am a fraud and didn’t actually surf)

One thing that I did really enjoy though was the lighthouse walk. It takes you along a boardwalk by the beaches and then up some pretty steep paths along the coast, with a stop along the way at the most Easterly point of Australia.

The views on the way up are amazing, despite the fact I went on a cloudy day.

One at the top the view is even better and I was lucky enough to time it for a free tour up to the top of the lighthouse with even better views across the whole of Byron.

After the lighthouse and a wander around town I felt like I had seen everything, and I think four days was a bit too long. But at least now I can say that I have been, as it would have been silly not to go as a backpacker travelling up the East Coast.


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