Rain in the ‘Sunshine’ State

Continuing on my journey to follow the sun I headed to Surfer’s Paradise after Byron Bay; apparently there are 300 sunny days on the Gold Coast every year, and in 2016 the 24th & 25th April were in the other 65!

(This photo makes the weather look okay but that was actually down to an Instagram filter, the picture below without filter was taken about 10 minutes earlier!)

When I was planning my trip up the East Coast I was going to miss out Surfer’s Paradise but I had a look into things to do, of which there aren’t a lot, but it did seem to have a pretty good Sunday night beachfront market. Based on that I decided to stop on my way up, and the market was cancelled last minute because of the weather!! 

So with the markets cancelled, I had two days to fit in the only other thing I really wanted to do while there; the Skypoint Tower. The weather on Sunday wasn’t too bad so I decided to do it at sunset, by which time there had been a downpour and the clouds had rolled in. Still I decided to go up as the sky was starting to clear and it looked like there may be a nice sunset. 

By the time I got to the top, it was pretty cloudy but there was still a really good view of the city and the rest of the Gold Coast, but unfortunately the sunset was pretty rubbish!

On my last day, I met up with a couple of friends and we were struggling to think of something to do, but then we found this and had the best fun ever:

We hired the pig for 15 minutes and rode around the shopping centre, along with a load of little kids on other animals; I had a very near miss with a kid on a gorilla!

 After that we’d almost completed the list of things to do in Surfer’s, and after a game of bowling we really had done everything! 

I think that one night would have been enough in Surfer’s Paradise, or even just a full day unless the weather is good and you can head to the beach, which did look great in the brief moment that the sun was out. 


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