Fraser Island Fun

Ten years ago I did a day trip to Fraser Island with my mam and dad and it was rubbish! It was August, so the middle of winter, and it was freezing cold and wet so I wanted to do Fraser again on this trip in the hope that this time I would have some better memories and weather; and I did! 

I booked a one night tour with The Discovery Group and had an amazing time. On Wednesday 27th April we were picked up in Noosa by our guide Brock in this 4wd ‘warrior’ which got us around the island with ease, unlike some of the smaller 4wds which can get stuck in the sand.

We were lucky and had the smallest tour group of the year so far with only 11 of us, including three Ashleigh/Ashleys! Because it was such a small group it was easy to get to know everybody and really felt like travelling with friends, unlike some of the other Fraser tours which could have 40+ people!

Our first stop before heading over to the Island was Tin Can Bay to feed wild dolphins; a pretty great start to the trip!

After the dolphins had had their breakfast we headed for the ferry to take us across to Fraser Island, over which the sky was very dark and ominous. It looked like it would be a repeat of the 2006 trip, but as we arrived and the skies started to clear and the sun came out, and the only rain we had was overnight.

Our first stop was for morning tea just at the side of Fraser’s main highway, Seventy Five Mile Beach. Yes, their main road is a beach!

Next up was a stop at Eli Creek, for a gentle float downstream in the sunshine. Nature’s own version of a theme park lazy river!

After a dinner stop (lunch for all the non northerners!) we drove further north along Seventy Five Mile Beach to Indian Head for a climb up the rocks for some amazing views. 

On the way back to our accommodation we stopped off at one of the main symbols of Fraser Island; the Maheno shipwreck, and once a group of motorbikers moved out of the way we were able to take some photos. 

Our accommodation for the night was the Fraser Island Retreat at Happy Valley which was amazing! There was a mix of cabins and a bunk house which had five  big bedrooms (not a bunk bed in sight) and four proper bathrooms. After hostels this was the height of luxury, so after tea (dinner, again for the foreigners, and yes I’m including any southerners in that!) we were all very keen to get into our lovely comfy beds.

On Thursday morning, after we reluctantly left our beds, we drove to Central Station for a rainforest walk; this time there were no leeches to be seen! 

After our walk we were ready for a swim and headed of to Lake Mackenzie with its beautiful crystal clear water and white silica sand (perfect for exfoliating!). 

Sadly the trip had to come to an end, but as we took the ferry back across to the mainland we spotted dolphins in the water which was a perfect end to an amazing two days on Fraser Island.

I came away from the trip with what I had hoped, some amazing memories and none of them include rain! 

If I was to do Fraser Island again I would definitely go with Discovery as every aspect of the trip was fantastic. And Brock, our tour guide was brilliant sharing with us loads of knowledge and experience of the island which the other tours don’t seem to do; I actually overheard somebody on another tour asking their guide why it is called Fraser Island, and his reply was ‘it’s a long story’. So if you’re thinking of doing Fraser Island and don’t want be disappointed definitely book with Discovery! 


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