Kangaroo selfies and koala cuddles

When I first booked to stay in Noosa it was because that was the departure point for my Fraser Island tour, but when I had a look into things to do there/from there I realised there was a direct bus to Australia zoo. The perfect opportunity to update my photo with a koala from ten years ago! 

The luck I had with the weather on Fraser Island didn’t last for my return to Noosa, and the morning I got up for the zoo it was pouring down. It didn’t stop me from having an amazing day though! 

My priority when I arrived at the zoo was to have a photo with a koala, but at $24 for just one photo, plus $7.50 to get it on a USB it seemed a bit of a rip off. Instead I booked a koala experience for $39 which included 30 minutes with a koala along with just three other people and a chance to take our own photos and it was so worth the money! 

There were just four of us and Ellen, a beautiful and chilled koala. Two of the group had to leave after 10 minutes which meant that there were just two of us for the final 20 minutes; loads of extra cuddles for us and she actually fell asleep on me. I definitely considered smuggling her out of the zoo in my bag! 

I’ll be honest I did spend most of my day with the koalas, and my photos reflect that, but I did tear myself away for a wildlife show in the Crocoseum with birds, snakes (I looked away at that point!) and of course a huge crocodile who was called Big Al. 

I also spent a bit of time in ‘Roo Heaven’ feeding the kangaroos and wallabies and of course taking the obligatory selfie! 

I didn’t remember much from visiting the zoo in 2006, just that we had a great day and this time around I think it was even better and I would definitely go back again and again! 


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