Living the dream in the Whitsundays

I have just spent two days sailing around the Whitsundays (aka paradise) and had such an amazing time. After Fraser Island I wasn’t sure another trip could come close, but I think this could have topped it! 

On Monday 2nd May we sailed out of Airlie Beach and into the calm waters of the Whitsundays on New Horizon. 

Once we had moored in the spot we would stay for the night we had our first chance to get in the water. Once we all had our stinger suits on it was time to tackle the diving board; in my case this was with very wobbly legs, but after a few deep breaths and a lot of encouragement I plucked up the courage and jumped into the warm Whitsunday water! 

Once was enough for me, but I’m very proud to say that I did it! 

After a lovely meal of reef fish we were lucky enough to see sharks in the water around the boat (yes, in the exact spot we had been swimming in just a couple of hours earlier!) and then spent hours stargazing from the back of the boat. No photo would ever show how incredible this was; we saw the Southern Cross, Mars, Venus and thousands of other stars. A pretty amazing end to the first day of the trip!

The next morning (after being woken up at 6am by the crew running and shouting through the cabin) we climbed up to deck to the most amazing views and another beautiful day.

After breakfast we sailed to Whitsunday Island for Whitehaven beach, with its white silica sand and clear blue water.

After about an hour floating around in the pristine water, an intense shoulder war and spotting lemon sharks swimming right near us we headed to a lookout; this was the moment where we really appreciated why Whitehaven is constantly rated as one of the World’s most beautiful beaches. 

I have never seen water so blue and clear and from the top we could even see sting rays down in the water. 

After tearing ourselves away from the view we were taken back to the boat for dinner (lunch) before heading to a different spot for some snorkelling. Another thing I was pretty scared of, but again once I got over the fear it was amazing to see so many beautiful fish. 

While we were snorkelling the crew had set up an inflatable slide and after going down it one of the crew members threw bread at me and I ended up surrounded by  four huge bat fish; it was such a brilliant experience to see them feeding right by my face! 

As I was climbing back up to the ladder I looked down as I thought there was another bat fish, only to see a shark swimming right underneath me. I have never climbed a ladder faster in my life!! 

Once we were all worn out from an afternoon on the slide we sailed to our spot for the night and sat on the roof of the boat watching an incredible sunset over the ocean. 

After another amazing tea we spent the night playing games followed by some more stargazing which was even better than the first night; I even saw my first shooting star. The perfect end to a perfect day! 

On our final morning we were given the option to go snorkelling again, but two of us decided to stay on the boat and we were so glad we did as we saw what we thought to be a huge pod of dolphins passing the boat. They actually turned out to be pilot whales so we were incredibly lucky as the migration season has only just started so it is rare to see them this early on. 

Sadly the trip had to come to an end at some point and on Wednesday morning we sailed back to Airlie under a clear blue sky. 

I had the best two days on a fantastic boat  with a great crew and some brilliant people who really helped make the trip special. All of that added to the beautiful places we saw made this one of, if not the best experiences of my trip so far! 


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