The end of the East Coast

It’s been a while since my last post (almost a month) so a new one is definitely long overdue. Since my last update I’ve covered over 2500km so there’s a lot to catch up on!

After the Whitsundays I headed to Magnetic Island for two days of doing not a lot, apart from spotting a wild koala!

From Magnetic Island I took my last Greyhound (or so I thought) up to Cairns for a night before starting the last week of my East Coast trip. 

After my night in Cairns I headed up to Port Douglas for a week in paradise with my cousin and her partner, who currently call this amazing place home! 

On day one we drove up to Kuranda, a village in the rainforest and took the Skyrail back down with some amazing views:

The following day we headed to the Daintree rainforest where we walked along the beach at Cape Tribulation, walked up amongst the trees on a rainforest walk and got eaten alive by mosquitos! 

The next day I had a chance to do absolutely nothing before a trip to the Great Barrier Reef the next day. We definitely chose the worst day for this as the sea was very rough. After a bumpy ride we reached our first site on the reef where we had a chance to get used to the conditions in the water; basically swimming forward 1 metre and being pushed back 10 by the waves. At our second sight we took a guided snorkelling tour and found Nemo and also saw a turtle, which was the one thing I definitely wanted to see! By the third site everybody was exhausted and I didn’t last long in the water before giving up and heading back to the boat after being pushed around by the waves way too many times! 

My last couple of days in Port Douglas were spent wandering around town and taking it pretty easy after a crazy few weeks travelling up the East Coast.

The next part of my trip took me down to Brisbane where I was planning to meet a company to try and get a job. This didn’t work out and two Airbnbs, a hostel and a job offer in Duabi later two and a half weeks had passed and although I loved the city, and had a really great time it seemed as through my adventure had been on hold so it was time to move on and continue my travels around Australia. 

So after a big change of plan, and another Greyhound, I’m back in Noosa for a couple of days before flying to Darwin to see what the Northern Territory has to offer. 


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