Dodgy Darwin

Tomorrow I leave Darwin and set off on a two week adventure through central Australia; a big change of plan as I had come over to Darwin to find work. However after just a couple of hours here I realised that it was the wrong decision.

Of all the places I’ve been in Australia this is sadly my least favourite. Strange is he only way that I can describe it; there is a weird vibe and a very odd mix of people. I’ve also really struggled with the heat and for the first time as a solo female traveller I feel uneasy walking around alone, especially at night.

There are some nice parts to the city like the waterfront lagoon (which is the only place you can swim safely because of the crocodiles and sea snakes) and the views out to sea from the esplanade. The Mindil Beach sunset markets are also pretty great, but other than that I haven’t really got a lot to say.

Although on a positive note I have met some great people here and had a brilliant night out with a girl from the hostel, which ended with us befriending a group of locals who bought us drinks and took us to some great places!

So my time here hasn’t been all bad, but I am glad to be moving on and setting off on an amazing adventure to discover central Australia. See you on the other side!


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