Wandering ‘Wayoutback’

Since my last post just under three weeks ago I have travelled over 4000km (2500 miles) from the top to the bottom of Australia. I did an amazing trip from Darwin down to Adelaide so there’s a lot to tell! 

The first part of the trip was with the company Wayoutback and took me from Darwin down to Alice Springs over six days. 

On Wednesday 8th June I was collected from my hostel at 6:40am and set off for three busy days exploring Kakadu and Litchfield national parks. 

Day 1 

For the first part of the tour we headed to the Mary River for a wildlife cruise where we spotted native birds such as the jabiru and also some crocodiles. 

After the cruise we headed into Kakadu and stopped at Ubir to see some aboriginal rock art and an amazing view across the park. 

We then stopped at Yellow Water to see a beautiful Northern Territory sunset before heading to our first campsite of the trip. 

We stayed in permanent tents with proper beds and had an eventful first night with all 17 of us being woken up in the middle of the night to some very weird noises. What sounded like a pack of wolves coming to kill us turned out to be barking owls! 

Day 2 

On day 2 the real fun began as we set off chasing waterfalls in Kakadu. 

The trip would usually take us to Twin and Jim Jim Falls but fortunately for us they were still closed due to flooding from the wet season so we got to see some different, beautiful spots. 

Our day started with a hike to Maguk Falls for the first swim of the day. We spent around an hour swimming at the top of the waterfall and climbing over rocks and through gorges to get to a hidden waterfall and pools at the very top. 

We then headed down to Barramundi Gorge at the bottom of the waterfall for a swim in the waterhole. 

As we reached the hottest part of the day we headed on a very sweaty hike up to Gunlom Falls which has an infinity pool at the edge of the cliffs; the view was definitely worth the exhausting hike! 

After a few photos at the edge we climbed further up the cliff to explore the top of the waterfall where we climbed over rocks, through narrow gaps and swam through gorges to reach another hidden waterfall, something you don’t do every day! 

Once we’d hiked back down we had a quick swim down at the bottom of the cliff and then headed to our camp for the night. It was another eventful night with some huge spiders and horrible cane toads! 

Day 3 

Today we left Kakadu and headed to Litchfield for more swimming. Although the spots we went to were beautiful they had nothing on Kakadu which feels very natural and unspoilt compared with government owned Litchfield with its wifi signs and steps down into the waterfalls. 

We swam in a few different spots and in one place there was a freshwater crocodile spotted right where we had been swimming. Luckily they don’t attach people so we all survived!

After three busy days we headed back to Darwin for the night where we had a post tour night out with pizza and fishbowls. 

Day 4 

Today we left Darwin for good and set out on the second part of the tour down to Alice Springs which involved a lot of driving. 

Our first stop was the final waterfall of the trip, Edith Falls. This was another beautiful spot but again had nothing on Kakadu! 

From there we headed across to Katherine Gorge to hike up to the top and admire the view.

In the late afternoon we drove to our camp for the night. 

It was very creepy as it was closed to the public so only this tour company is now able to go there. All of the buildings are closed off and the old homestead looks like something from a horror film. Some of the group decided it would a good idea to go in an explore, so I waited and took photos at at safe distance! 

Day 5 

As we headed further south down the Stuart Highway the temperature started to cool so today we had our last swim of the trip at Bitter Springs. It is a ‘hot’ spring which you can float down in the current and relax. Unfortunately we didn’t have any rubber rings or noodles so we had to swim, which turned out to be very stressful as we all crashed into rocks and each other thanks to the current pushing us along! 

Once we had all dried off and warmed up we drove to Daly Waters pub, the most famous pub in the outback.

After a lot of driving we arrived at Banka Banka cattle station, our camp for the night. We had a feast of steak, sausages, salad, the best coleslaw ever made (obviously because I helped) and mashed potatoes before roasting marshmallows over the fire and settling down into our swags to sleep under the stars. 

Day 6 

Today involved a hell of a lot of driving (about 700km) to get down to Alice Springs, so most of the day was spent on the bus.

However we did stop at Devil’s Marbles, and the Tropic of Capricorn before we reached Alice Springs and the end of the tour. 

The group had become very close over the past six days, especially the Brits so we spent our last night together in Alice Springs saying goodbye with a last supper of jacket potatoes before heading our seperate ways for our next tours. 


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