Plans are made to be broken

Before I started this adventure I was a planner and an organiser, but now three months in after changing all the plans I had roughly made, I’m starting to live by the above motto! 

After the tour down from Darwin the plan was to stay in Adelaide to find a job, but that idea didn’t last long for long so after a week exploring the small but cute city I had bought a bus ticket to my next destination. 

Said destination being Melbourne and as I write this I’m sat in the beautiful State Library of Victoria, which is definitely the most impressive place I’ve blogged from so far! 

I’ve been in the Victorian capital for a week now and I love it! I was worried that I’d be disappointed by the city given how great everyone says it is but it hasn’t let me down. 

It has a very homely feel (maybe because the cold wet weather reminds me of England) and currently it has the vibe of a European city at Christmas with its ice rink, fairy lights and winter market stalls! 

I love the old(ish) architecture, the cool laneways with their graffiti and relaxed bars, the amazing coffee in the thousands of little cafes and the city lights reflecting on the Yarra River at night. 

So far during my time here I’ve been on a trip to the Great Ocean Road (I’ll write about that soon), watched the sunset over the city from its highest point, spent time admiring the beach huts at nearby Brighton Beach, spotted penguins along St Kilda pier, been totally clueless at an AFL match and paused for thought at the Shrine of Remembrance. 

It’s definitely a city I would love to spend more time in as there is still so much to see but this time I’m not planning anything as I know that I could soon be writing a post from another new place following another change of plan! 


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