The end is (almost) nigh!

I haven’t posted in a while (10 weeks to be precise) so it’s about time I gave an update on what I’ve been up to! 

For the past eight weeks I’ve been in Tasmania trying to get my regional work finished once and for all. I’m staying at Tasman Backpackers in Devonport and I’m absolutely loving hostel life (apart from the four minute timed showers, the kitchens which are no where near big enough for 120 people and the time my cheese was stolen). I’ve met some great people and visited some amazing places: 

Cradle Mountain 
Bay of Fires

Wineglass Bay

Cataract Gorge – Launceston

Boat Harbour Beach

Montezuma Falls

But sadly the work situation hasn’t been as great as the social side and I’m still a few weeks away from finishing my 88 days. 

I arrived on the 8th November hoping to be working within a week or two as the fruit picking season was due to start in mid November. Sadly this didn’t work out as it’s been one of the wettest seasons Tasmania has seen for a long time. Just my luck! 

After a long 3 weeks of waiting around (and lots of colouring in) I managed to get 3 days work planting Brussels Sprouts.

After the sprouts I started work in a salmon processing factory and I got three solid weeks of work. It seemed as though I’d be able to stay there until I finished my days but the work died down after Christmas so some of us were no longer needed. But we did get lots of free salmon so it wasn’t all bad! 


Next up was a very muddy days work harvesting cabbage seeds. 

I haven’t worked since the cabbages, but next week I start picking blueberries, so fingers crossed the weather stays dry and sunny and I can finally finish my remaining 23 days and put regional work behind me for good! 


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