Goodbye to Hostel Life!

My farmwork is finally done (I’ll tell you all about my ordeal soon!) and I’m back in Melbourne, about to move into a flat with my very own bedroom after almost 3 months spent living in a working hostel in Tassie. And while I’m excited to have my own space I’m sure it will take some getting used to after so long surrounded by 119 other backpackers! 

I stayed at Tasman Backpackers in Devonport and I loved it! The social side of living in a hostel is fab; I made some great friends and had some amazing experiences that I will never forget! 

Mexican Night

Christmas Celebrations

My Birthday & New Year in Hobart 

Australia Day

However there are some parts of hostel life that I am very keen to put behind me! 

I was in a twin room at first but because I didn’t start working for a few weeks I couldn’t afford it and so I moved into a 7 bed dorm, which when you’re working isn’t ideal. It’s hard to get an early night before work or a lie in on a day off because there’s always someone on a different schedule making noise either late at night or early in the morning. So If you’re planning to stay in a working hostel, don’t go for a dorm even if it is cheap. You’ll regret it, trust me! 

I also won’t miss the 4 minute timed showers (which are far from ideal when you come in from a day of work on the farm covered in mud!), the cramped kitchens with hardly any utensils, pots or pans due to people not washing up and I will definitely not miss the lack of wifi! 

The stress of farmwork is also something that I am very glad to be done with, but I’ll tell you more about that on my next post. 

The biggest thing that I will miss though is my Tasman family and always having someone to talk to and spend time with! 

Until next time Tassie, but for now I’m off to Netflix binge, have a stupidly long shower and a well needed good nights sleep! 


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